Budó je život i smrt...

Bujinkan Czech Dojo - Shihan Miroslav Cermak

meIf you travel to Prague, the Czech Republic, and want to train Bujinkan Budó you are welcome. We share Dojo me and Mr. Lubos Pokorny, 15. dan. We both can teach also in English.

From September to June, classes are in a gymnasium of the high school in Boleslavova street, No. 1, Prague 4, about 200 m from the underground station "Vysehrad", line "C". Watch the map. 

From June to August we can train outdoor by prior arrangement. One place is in Michelsky les (forest) near the underground station "Roztyly", line "C". 

Usually we train on Monday and Wednesday, from 7 PM to 9 PM (about). If there are not many students, on Monday we train in small dojo in Praha 10-Zahradní Město. The address is private, so first start train on common class. 

From January 2014, Lubos Pokorny has another training on Tuesday, from 8 PM, in center at Karlovo náměstí. Contact him (lubos@bujinkan.cz).


There can be exceptions, or special trainings (on Friday for example) - just check the Calendar below, I want to keep it actual and post any changes in time or place.

You can view the actual week, month or list of events in the calendar.
If you have your own Google Calendar or MS Outlook or some others, you can add this calendar. 
If you send me your e-mail address, I can set up sending of changes automatically.



Mirek Čermák, BCD, Shihan Tréninky v PRAZE 4 nebo 10 - KAŽDÉ PONDĚLÍ A STŘEDU, 19--21 h. V ÚTERÝ je další trénink Luboše Pokorného, na Praze 2.
Tréninky v LIBERCI - dle domluvy, zatím nárazově.
Tréninky v ŽELEZNÉM BRODĚ pod vedením Jana Michla dle domluvy - kontakt: 774 823 489, Jan Michl
Více viz sekce Tréninky
777 020 694